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June 11, 2008



yay! so excited, for both books! any idea when!> lol, i know i know, im so impatient! I just cant wait, i know it will be one of the most gorgeous books on my shelf and i cant wait to get my hands on it!


I'm definitely looking forward to BOTH books!! Love your guys' work, individually and as a team :)


love the idea of the two books! Cannot wait for them to be published...

Lacey McKay

Yay! I can't WAIT to see them! I've been checking this "neglected" blog religiously, patiently awaiting an update! Do you have an estimated date of when the books will be up for sale? I'm due with my second (and possibly last) baby in January and I really need some tips on how to pose him/her! Your work is some of the most beautiful I've ever seen BTW!

Kristy Romero

OK....I do check your blog weekly! I love your work and you are an inspiration to me. :) Great photo as usaul can't wait to see the book. Please keep everyone posted, I am sure there are many like me who stop by for visits. :)Kristy

Caitlin Domanico Photography

How exciting about the book!

Love the squishy baby!


So...what I wanna know is when can I sign up for a workshop with ya'll!! : > ) Looking forward to both books.


Random question: I know through your blog that you had twins and now your sister is pregnant with twins. Were both conceived natural? Sorry for the personal question but I'm curious because my sister is pregnant with twins as well. ;)


I too, have been checking this blog many times for an update. So glad we are closer to "the book". I can't wait to buy it.


Yessss!!! SO excited here! That photo is amazing!

Liz P

Looks like there's plenty of people still checking this blog!

I cannot wait til this book is published! You must tell us how we're supposed to get our hands on one, and I love the idea of the workbook separately. Crossing my fingers that this'll be coming out by the end of the year, so I'll know what to put on the top of my Christmas list. :D


ooo a newborn workbook? sounds fabulous! I can't wait.


YAY ~ I got so excited when I read the update on the blog. I was wondering how things were coming along. Do you guys have a round about time when it might be coming out. I'm looking forward to getting both books.

Laura (Tender Portraits)

Can't wait for both books to be released. Fabulous image! Breathtaking.


i would totally be interested in your books, i love both of your ladies work


I kept checking and checking...so glad to see an update. Congrats on all of your work with the book...there is definitely interest in a workbook!


I think two books is a fabulous idea!!

Brooke Drellos

yes, please make a workbook...i am constantly checking here and on the barebaby site for updates....

think of all my clients that our suffering without your valuable information... :)

Holly Sisson


Curious as to why you say the workbook isn't as pretty as you'd like? Do you need help from a layout point of view? I helped Gordon McGregor (http://gordonmcgregor.blogspot.com/2008/04/sofobomofinito.html) with his recent project, and I'd be happy to help you too, if you would like, just let me know!



I still check ALL the time waiting for updates...and I can't WAIT until the books come out!!!


Lovely lovely photo. Can't wait for the book!


Please, please, let us know when you expect these books tot be ready! Can't wait, can't wait, can't WAIIIIIT!!!


thanks for the update. any timeframe when we can expect its release? I also think two books is a great idea!


I also am very keen to see a workbook! Can't wait!!


definitely interested in both books here! :)
two books from you guys will be such a treat! hope you are having a wonderful summer too. thanks again for the update, i always look forward to them. take care-
tara from maryland

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