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January 01, 2008


Melanie A.

Congrats, Britt, on your exciting news! I know you and Carrie will enjoy being so close to each other and working together on a regular basis. It will be sad to think you're not here in Georgia anymore though! :) Can't wait to see all the great work you guys do together.

Laura Siebert

Oh, I've been waiting to see these! Look at you with the softbox! Cool. It looks very natural. I have no doubt that you will rock at it if you ever decide to use one again. You are so good at seeing the right angle of light to use. It's nothing but a big 'ole fake window (:


I love the shot of the baby on the trunk. Very beautiful!

Jamie Lawler

You rocked these as per usual.

Out of curiosity, how come the D3 sat this one out?

San Diego is lucky to get you. Good luck with the move.


congrats Britt! I bet you can't wait...that's soooo exciting!

These are just gorgeous....I love who you can do light and airy b/w as well as deep ones but they both still scream you. =)


Oh... gorgeous - I simply can't wait to see them all!

Congrats on your move... a more perfect team could not exist!


I love all of these of Princess Maren! Awesome job on capturing these images. Especially love G's expression w/ Maren.

Blair Blanks

You will never know how much these mean to me. They are just stunning, so much more to me than photos. You truly have a gift, and a little magic, too.

Wow. All I can say is wow. I am humbled and honored that you were able to photograph my children.


Those are simply just adorable. That's amazing that little Marin is sleeping so soundly!

Stacy S

oh wow- these are so, so incredible!!

Lisa Slotsve

GORGEOUS! love love love them!


OH wow - Gorgeous shots! LOVE them! That first one just makes you smile big!
Congrats on the move! Sounds very exciting!

Susan Braswell

absolute perfection - 200%

Melissa M.

*O*M*G*....that first one just sent me right over the edge.....too precious. ::wub::



SOO EXCITED!! I'll be one of many to say WELCOME TO SUNNY CALIFORNIA!! k.. maybe one day i can save enough to have you and carrie photograph my babies! :) so excited for u!


Awesome!!! Love the first one! You and Carrie as a team, WOW!!! You both are awesome!!

michelle huenink

These are fabu! I love the one with big brother- too sweet.


These are all so amazing! I adore your work!
Congrats on the big move to SD! How exciting for you and Carrie to work together more often! I wish you the best!


she's beautiful! what a gorgeous baby.

britt, much luck to you in your new endeavors. i'm certain you will take the west coast by storm.

Michelle Miller


I'm seriously in awe of your work. The way you capture newborns is a true gift...you have amazing talent.


I love your work, Britt!

Wishing you the BEST OF LUCK!!

Tracy Adams

Wow! These are stunning! Even more heartwarming is the story behind it. I am so overjoyed for Blair! Great work as always Britt.


okay... even on my iphone these are STUNNING. absolutely LOVE the one with G... her little lips are pure sweetness!! beautiful work, Britt... congrats on your big move... ATL will miss you though!


how exciting for you to be moving!!

I absolutely LOVE the second one with both of them!!!


These are just absolutely perfection. Love that first one. ;)

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