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January 11, 2008



amazing!!!!! in love with this set.


Wow - these are just jaw-dropping good! :) Your conversions are perfect. I adore that first one - is that gray seamless paper for the bg?


I seriously stalk this blog. I just think you two are the BEST at newborn photography. I can't wait til the book comes out. I love those shaggy blankets/rugs you use. I have searched everywhere and can't find any as cool. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction?

Tara in maryland

these are melting my heart britt! the second is the sweetest curled up baby EVER!! i also can't wait for the book and would love to have any advice on the rug also if you could share. thank-you! -tara


Ahhh, the first one is so adorable. The modeling light, conversion, and composition are so perfect. Really shows how tiny and new she is. Wonderful image Britt!

Laura (Tender Portraits)

The first is so fabulous!


the first one is one of the most amazing newborn pix i've ever seen! God has given u a gift and it's soo great to see you using it! :)


absolutely wonderful photos!!


I just want to know how you get them to STAY SLEEPING! What is the trick? As soon as I move them, they wake up and stretch out and get all upset. And stay upset, most of the time, so I don't often get a chance to break 'outside of the box' in terms of posing other than the typical on their back or on their tummy.

Also, could you give any tips on how to pose babies in such a way that they stay all curled up? Is it a type of bowl or beanbag or something custom made? I have tried everything, LOL! Help!


I love this set of images. Do you guys have any idea of when the book is coming out?

Jane Cosenr

This is going to be such a fun book to study, any idea when it will be ready?

Are you accepting pre-orders?



Love the first one, but these are all perfection. ;)

Malea Ellett

I absolutely love your work. How do you purchase a book? Is it done yet?


Girls i cant wait to get my little hands on your book. I am in love with your work. Hope it can be posted Down Under ;)

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