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December 28, 2007


Kirstie Tweed

These are gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing them. The parents of these babies must be thrilled, what a gift.

Any word on a book release? I'm in line to buy it.


Oh those are beautiful!!! How do you like the new camera?


those are fabulous! ISO 1250 looks fantastic!

Melanie A

These are beautiful as always, Britt. Love the one outside in the baby bed. Beautiful. How does the D3 compare with the 5D?


looks like you and your new D3 have made fast friends! :) they are all lovely as ever! thank-you so much for sharing!!


Gorgeous shots! So beautiful - I just am in love with the first two! Congrats on the new camera!

Ingrid Rivera

These are all so wonderful..tender and sweet.


absolutely stunning..I love the last shot...wonderful!


Love your shots with your new cam. How is the d3 as opposed to the 5d? I'm really wanting to buy one or the other. Any thoughts? I have a canon now and the focus points bother me a bit.

joshua gene

I love these, thanks for sharing your camera settings. You're amazing!

Deene Souza

What I wanna know is how you got them all asleep. Did you make sure scheduled their sessions when they would be napping? I know newborns nap a lot, but I never get the sleeping shots. Maybe because I'm scheduling wrong????? Any advice?

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