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November 08, 2007




I think you did a real good job as the pictures is gorgeous!


beautiful!I'm so jealous, I wish I lived close enough to have had my newborn photos done!


wow. that second one is stunning. love it!


oh wow...what a breathtaking set!


Oh those are just stunning! I am especially inspired by the sunset/basket as well as mom in bathtub. I am so appreciative of the barebaby blog for techy info and eye candy! :)


just stumbled upon your site from blue candy's. great job! thanks for all the info you share!

Angela Fielding

These are gorgeous!!!!! You both do a beautiful job!!!!


Love the expression in the first image, so sweet. Thanks for generously sharing.

Laura (Tender Portraits)

Wow! These are amazing. Wonderful job.

Cristina Navarro

flippin' beautiful!
I had a newborn session today...after 20 minutes of shooting they felt they had accomplished what they wanted. After suggesting letting her sleep for sleeping shots...they said they didn't need any of those.
Not that they would have been as good as yours, but I would have liked to try! LOL
Wonderful work as usual:)

laura Richards

Thank you so much for the beautiful images and tech info! I am anxiously awaiting the book! How close are you two to completion? Please include in your book any tricks regarding how to manage naked babies peeing and "pooing" during the session. I had a session last week with my first baby that just wouldn't stop "going". Thankfully, I had awesome parents who just rolled with it, but inside I was thinking there has got to be a better, less messy way. I would LOVE any input regarding this!


GORGEOUS, what an incredible combination, two amazing photographers and one gorgeous baby. Congratulations Stacy, if you are reading this!

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