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September 12, 2007



hehe. : )

Melanie A in Georgia

Oh, I love this one, Carrie! I saw it on your website and was just blown away. Love the unique pose and, of course, that gorgeous light. Just beautiful


I think it's a unique pose as well. I love it!!!


ok, do you guys drug those babies. lol. i have to ask. I have posed newborns over and over and NEVER get as lucky as you guys to have sleepy posable ones. mine always wake up and squirm. Even at days old. I am anxious to get your book and absorb it all. teehee

Jennifer Friddell

Beautiful. Love the lighting here.

Patrina Odette

what a beautiful image carrie. i swear, you make art every. single. time. what a gift!

Jennifer G.

Hello, I am loving all your photos. I am hoping to get more into photography and so I have a question about your black Velvet that you pose the babies on--I was wondering how much you actually have?

Carrie Sandoval

Thanks everyone!
Jennifer G - funny you ask because I usually use my whole piece of black velveteen - it's huge... big enough for an adult sized backdrop. But, I just cut it this week, for a session that I had to fly in for. I was trying to save room for other blankets in the bag! So, yes, a 3x3' square will even work!

Jillian K.

Wow! I absolutely ADORE your work... whenever I'm feeling uninspired, all i have to do is pop onto your website and I get all the inspiration I need! Amazing!! Will the book be available in Canada?


love this last shot..

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