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August 11, 2007


Michelle Croson

Gorgeous...Both of them!!! What lucky parents to have you BOTH shooting thier kids!!!

Robin DePaula

You guys rock the NB sessions . . . these are gorgeous!!! LOVE the 2nd image


Awwww.....you guys are awesome! These are fabulous!

Melanie A

Beautiful! I know the parents must have been so happy about these. The baby on the left in the first one has the cutest expression- it looks like he just heard something funny.


these are beautiful and i would buy the book in a second.

allison f. (cath_artes)

Truly lovely work as always! You guys are a powerhouse team together.

Lori Brosang

Absolutely STUNNING! You both are so talented. Looking at these images, I think about the patience you both probably had to get such amazing images.


perfect as usual.


i can't imagine the excitement of having you both photograph the babies!! love the position in #2, it reminds me of tiny stair steps. :)




Wow, beautiful images!!! I love the face of the baby to the left in the first picture...so cute! I hope you add something about how to pose babies in your new book!! Please? :)


These are fantastic! I can barely get one newborn to sleep for a photo session, and you guys got all three? I must know how you are able to do this, maybe some hints in the book about summoning the Sandman? Thanks for sharing!


I think only you two would be able to pull 3 off and that older too...love these!

Rochelle Ax

I'm in awe!! you guys are crazy amazing! I think you've found your CALLING!!


surfed in from Tara Whitney's blog. I have tears in my eyes after perusing your amazing photographs. There is beauty in this world. Thanks for the reminder.


omg you guys thats freaking amazing!


omg you guys thats freaking amazing!


saw your link on tara w's blog and so glad i clicked. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos from above. and love ALL of the photos on both of your websites. you must absolutely DO the book...would buy it in a second. keep us updated. and thanks for sharing.

Sue Thomas

They are so precious! Love these photos! Sue Thomas


This is fantastic..so darn adorable. I bet the parents are thrilled.


Absolutely gorgeous! Keep them coming...


Breathtakingly beautiful!! I would love to get one of your books. Hope it comes out soon!


Having done the triplet challenge a few times myself, I know just how difficult this is. Triple the pooping, the peeping, the propping, the peeing..... so well done!
Now could you just drag yourselves away from babies long enough to do the book!


I am crazy about the second one!!! wow!


Absolutely stunning. My brother and sister in law have twins on the way and these shots just touched my heart. Multiples are micracles.

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