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August 06, 2007



sign me up!.. sounds amazing.


Carrie and Britt,
This is great! I've always thought that you should do something like this. You both have so many fans, myself being one of them, and you're going to have huge success with this book.
I wish you both the best with this project. And I will be one of the first in line to get one when it comes out.

Jenny Lee

That's a WONDERFUL idea. I knew this would come, it was just a matter of time. You two are one of the best newborn/baby photographers around town. I'll be the first person in line to pick up this book and will rave about it to all other great photographers. Can't wait till the book is published!


LOVE IT AND YOU KNOW I DO. Great job you guys! You should be so proud.


CRAP. I didn't mean to post so many times. lol


This would definately work for the two of you. You both have an eye for newborn work and the book would be an awesome seller.


You are both so talented I think this is a great idea! I know you will have success in anything you pursue. You both are a constant inspiration and wish you both nothing but the best.


Absolutely fantastic idea! I cannot wait to see this! :)

Rochelle Ax

Can I buy it now?! I am soo excited! this is awesome! I think you guys should do seminars too!



Hi! I live in Australia and love your Flickr sites. I think this is an awesome idea and would definitely buy a copy even if I had to pay ridiculous amounts of postage!!


I too am in Australia and think this to be a fantastic idea. I look forward to seeing the finished product :)


Fantastic, I'd love a copy as well.


You guys are awesome. I have no doubt this will be a huge success. And that will be soo very well deserved! I can't wait!!!


Have always followed both your work on flickr and to be able to have it all in a book would be an excellent idea :D

Can't wait for the book to be released!


I'd like to place an order for one barebaby bible please.

So generous of you to share this with us. Thanks.


I so can´t wait for the final product to come out and will be one of the first in line to get it :)))
I´ve been and always will be one of your BIGGEST fans, my friends *hugs*


Another Australian very, very interested in your book! Great idea.


VERY interested! I'll be watching as more details become available!


So interested..I think the ideas you two have together would definitely be a source of interest to many. Including myself. wonderful news!

cath_artes Allison

Sign me up! I'm so interested. Brilliant idea ladies. You guys do it so well. Shipping to Canada I hope?


I cant wait to buy this book!!!


This is so awesome! I am VERY interested! :) Can it be done before March? That's when our last baby is born. HAHA!


I can't wait to buy this book!


Great!!! I love your work!!! I will love your book!!! I can't wait to buy it!!!! Congrats...

Stacey Woods

Umm, YES i would definitely buy this one!!! Fabulous idea. A bestseller for sure!!! Where do I sign up?? ;) When would you put the book out, girls?

Carrie, I just bought the Lou Jacobs book that features you... and it's an awesome read. Congrats!! Thank you so much for the inspiration, it was wonderful to read your thoughts on it all! :)

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