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August 25, 2007



stunning Britt!!!

Rochelle Ax

These are georgous! I love how pudgey this baby looks. . . and the poses are great!


Thanks for putting the settings. I've just started it as a hobby and I love to learn. I'm scared of upping my ISO, but your shots are so beautiful--I think I'll try.


Perfection!! I am so glad you are doing this....makes me love my 100mm 2.8 lens even more...


Britt - those are gorgeous! I love the black velvet. Thank you for sharing :)

Amy Martin

I agree about the black background. It puts 100% of the focus and attention on the baby... where it should be :)

Beautiful shots!

Jody Kavanagh

These are just beautiful as always. I think what you guys are doing with this blog (and hopefully the book) is really really great. I've always admired both you and Carrie's work. These images just further solidify how absolutely amazing a photographer you are. I love them.

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