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August 30, 2007



you've got me checkin' ;)
love the black. but you guys both rock anything! thanks for the post!


do you mind sharing where you got your bean bag & your velvet backdrop? My bean bag always seems so lifeless & it's so hard to pose the babies without losing them in the shadows? Thanks. YOu guys truly are the best!

Jody Kavanagh

I'm sure hooked on this blog!! :) I love your positioning of this little one. The folding is perfect...as always.


Loving the simple yet tender look.

laura Richards

Sooo looking foward to your book. Until it arrives, I am loving the entries you and Brit are making with the details attached (camera, lens, aperture, iso, window location etc). Thanks you so much!


Loving the blog!! You have an Australian subscriber here!!


Seriously amazing! And yeah, what are you using here? Is it a bean bag? And velvet? You have a gift!!!

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