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August 22, 2007


Melanie A

Hi, Britt-
Thanks for sharing the photo and your info. You guys are so inspiring! I just had 2 follow-up questions- was anything covering the glass doors to diffuse the light? Also, what time of day was this? Hope you don't mind my additional questions!
Take care- can't wait for the book.
Melanie A in Georgia

Rochelle Ax

That's beautiful! Great capture, as a mommy i know that's something the mom will cherish forever! I can't wait to get some shots of me and my boyz like that! :)

Jennifer Friddell

Beautiful work. So intimate, yet so open. Thanks for sharing!


such a peaceful image, thank-you for sharing! it was a treat to see something from you! :)

britt Woodall

Thanks so much everyone :)

Nothing was covering the doors to diffuse the light. I took this picture probably around 11-12AM.

Melanie A

Thanks for sharing, Britt.

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